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Arciom Chiropractic Clinic is currently accepting new patients at this time. Arciom Chiropractic Clinic serves the Holly Hill community in Holly Hill Florida. Contact Us today and STOP your chronic pain.

In 1996 Dr. Mary Jo Arciom, a Doctor of Chiropractic and certified yoga instructor, established the Arciom Chiropractic Clinic in the Daytona Beach, FL, area for the beachside community. Our patients have access to a safe, easy-to-understand environment with alternative options to their healthcare routines. This helps our patients to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

At the Arciom Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Arciom offers spinal care for patients experiencing symptoms of lower and middle back pain and neck pain, providing a uniquely tailored treatment plan after a thorough evaluation. We commonly help patients presenting with sciatica, disc disorders, neuritis, muscle strains, and sprains, including those in the upper and lower extremities. Our chiropractic care offers integrative approaches to treating range-of-motion disorders and weight management solutions.

Daytona Beach, FL, area residents can receive chiropractic care and physical modalities at our practice, such as spinal manipulation and decompression, musculoskeletal treatment, laser therapy, red light therapy, cranial sacral therapy, and nutrition therapy, to name a few. Our patients may integrate their chiropractic treatments with an esthetic program.

For general spinal care, our primary treatment method is spinal manipulation utilizing various techniques suitable for the individual and their symptoms. We use laser therapy for strains and sprains in the ligaments that are painful and affect your range of motion. A patient suffering from disc-related difficulties is likely to receive spinal decompression. We educate patients on how their spinal health may affect their overall quality of life and how chiropractic can support this.

At the Arciom Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Arciom serving the Daytona Beach, FL area residents with chiropractic care, views the whole body as working in synergy. We don’t only treat the spine; we treat the body holistically and naturally so that you have the quality of life you deserve.

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